Give Thanks For Scrum 2022 Videos


Patrick O’Neill and John Belge get to the “Why” of the Scrum Master role through the What and the How 

Give Thanks For Scrum 2021 Videos


Joseph DeAngelis describes why a Scrum Team Must be an Independent Path to Production


Todd Miller & Ryan Ripley, authors of the book “Fixing Your Scrum” describe the most Wicked Question they have ever Encountered


Eddie Wilkinson (Bendix) and Dan LeFebvre (Scrum Inc) on Building Volunteers through Invitation 


Jeff Sutherland on Leadership Invitation:

Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland advises an Open, leadership-invited approach to Scrum adoption as the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY, particularly when you create an environment where [ people who are not in yet ] want to be in on it.” Date of this video: November 23, 2021. Here it is:


Mario André Brückner describes Living Strategy


2021 Virtual Meetups