Getting Real About Business Agility: THE MANAGEMENT LAYER – PART II


When: Wednesday May 22, 2019  6:30-8:30 PM Est

Where: Scrum.Org HQ, 131 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington MA 01803


Getting Real About Business Agility - The Management Layer


In part I of his talk about The Management Layer, enterprise agile coach and organizational transformation expert Joseph DeAngelis presented:

  • Examples of poor organizational design and the obstacles to business agility they present
  • Steps to avoid when beginning a transformation, e.g. massive layoffs based on job titles
  • Prerequisites to organizational transformation including defining the better business outcomes we must achieve
  • Taking those first steps, including focusing on system optimization instead of local optimization
  • Recommended approach, i.e. what is means to "De-scale before you scale"

In part II of his Management Layer presentation, Joseph will focus his attention on how to develop the eco-system and structure that will enable true culture change and support the seeds of Agility that will be planted in your teams; which starts by engaging leadership and changing the way decisions are made!

The topics Joseph will cover in this talk include:

  • What is the 2-party Competitive Game and why it should be eradicated from your organization
  • How to start to build the Eco-system that supports a highly coordinated and aligned team of teams
  • Transforming the business by funding value streams instead of projects, applying lean budgeting to these value streams and adding empowered business representatives at every level in the organization
  • Dispelling the beliefs that Scrum Masters and Product Owners are not full time roles
  • The establishment of Guilds that enable communities of practice that share knowledge, define standards and enforce them
  • Offshoring the right way



6:30 - Refresh of "The Management Layer - Part I"
7:00 - Food & Networking
7:25 - "The Management Layer - Part II"
8:25 - Final announcements
8:30 - Done!



Joseph DeAngelis is an Enterprise agile coach and organizational transformation enthusiast with over 20 years experience working in the software, hardware and financial industries. Joseph is passionate about helping organizations deliver better, faster, and cheaper; enabling rapid decision making to respond to change – the true definition of Business Agility! To achieve this, Joseph helps prepare executive leadership to be engaged in the creation of a new eco-system that will enable, support and nourish the seeds of agility that are planted within the teams and foster a culture of true transparency, collaboration and continuous improvement!  As the Agile Boston Operational Leader, Joseph has partnered with some of the most influential minds in the Agile space and is now very excited to bring what he has learned to the greater Boston Agile community through this series of Business Agility topics!