Become a Sponsor of Agile Boston


Sponsorship of our monthly meetings and/or Special Events gives your organization exposure in front of our MANY members.  

A representative from sponsor Rally Software, addressing our members.

Agile Boston members are keenly interested in agile practices and are busy actually implementing Scrum and Agile in the workplace. Typical monthly meeting attendance ranges from 50 to upwards of 100+ Agile Boston members.  Scrum and Agile is beginning to cross over and penetrate into non-IT projects and business decision-making,  in fact they are emerging as highly effective management methods.

You can get in front of this large audience by becoming an Agile Boston Sponsor!


  1. Home Page Ad Banner. We provide direct home page position of your banner image and web page link on every one of our web pages. NOTE: The Agile Boston web is visited by over 2200 unique visitors per month, and this number is growing. You get immediate exposure as members visit the site for meeting details and logistics each month
  2. SEO Link with your banner. The Agile Boston site has excellent Google ‘page rank’. This is a measure of web authority which Google assigns to a web site. We work with you to make sure the link from Agile Boston to your site results in SEO (search engine optimization) equity. This means the link actually moves you UP in Google’s search results. This helps you get found when anyone searches on phrases you intend to get found on via Google. NOTE: If your sponsorship expires, your banner is deleted and the other sponsors move up.
  3. Direct Exposure at every Meeting. Only sponsors are authorized to display collateral at our meetings. Our average meeting has 50 to as much as 100+ members attending monthly, thus sponsorship can provide you with a brief opportunity to explain your brand in front of the entire room at each meeting.  During this time your logo is prominently displayed as the backdrop to your message.
  4. Present at a monthly Meeting. As an annual Sponsor, you get exposed to the membership at each and every meeting. We also provide you with the opportunity to make a 5 minute presentation at ONE (1) monthly meeting per calendar year. The format that is used for the presentation is Ignite. Ignite is a very focused and compact format that allows you cram an enormous amount of content in your 5-minute talk. The Ignite format is required for delivering your 5 minutes as a Featured Sponsor of that meeting.  Call to schedule.
  5. Email exposure. We send emails weekly in the form of meeting reminders etc. We include mention of each Agile Boston sponsor, resulting in more recognition of your brand in the Boston community.
  6. Dedicated, Exclusive, BRANDED marketing. We will advertise (4) of your campaigns within the sponsorship period (12 months). We include this in our weekly email campaigns along with other user-group news so it does look too commercial of sales-oriented. NOTE: We need at least 2 weeks notice to plan and execute this for you.  We will also publicize one (1) of your events on our website and include links to where people can register. 
  7. First notice of sponsorship opportunities for our larger events. We run larger events like:

We notify the current sponsors in ranked order (as their appear on our home page) according to longevity of support. This means that the sponsors with us the longest on a CONTINUOUS basis are notified

We had over 240 members attend Give Thanks To Scrum 2010!

FIRST about the opportunity to sponsor these events. A high percentage of the members have real decision-making authority in their IT organizations.  These larger events are always limited to “N” sponsors where N depends on the event.

That means that when you sponsor one of these larger events you obtain a semi-exclusive marketing opportunity that leverages your investment of time and money.


The cost of an annual sponsorship (12 month period) is $2000.00.

Ground Rules

1. Banner ads are positioned according to current sponsor rank. Your banner is appended to the list of current sponsors. As old sponsors choose not to renew, they lose their place, and you move up.

2. You do not have exclusivity in your business domain area. For example, several Scrum trainers may choose to sponsor Agile Boston. We accomodate them. If you are willing to pay a premium to be the exclusive sponsor in a given business domain, contact us (below) to explore that in more detail.

3. Agile Boston reserves the right to refuse or revoke sponsorship privileges if there exists a conflict with our core mission, vision or values, as listed here.


Logo size: Please provide a logo that is 214 X 104 pixels in size, JPG format.

For emails: We send ONE email with just your marketing message and no other messaging from us or other sponsors. To enable this, you send us a WORD doc and we paste that into the email we send as HTML. To prepare, you format your message in WORD 2000 format and paste it into a FireFox email and send it to yourself… to be sure of how it looks. When you are satisfied with how it looks, you send the DOC to us with the date-of-send details, and we mail it for you.

Interested?  Contact Us to discuss Agile Boston sponsorship opportunities.