Give Thanks for Scrum 2023: Empiricism in the Modern World


Give Thanks for Scrum 2023: Empiricism in the Modern World


Join us on Tuesday November 21, 2023 Live at Microsoft in Burlington, MA for Agile Boston’s 15th Annual Give Thanks For Scrum event.

That’s right … for 2023, the GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event is once again LIVE!!

THE THEME OF THE 2023 EVENT: Empiricism in the Modern World

Applying Scrum in an Age of Uncertainty

When everything is changing, empirical process is essential. Empiricism and Lean Thinking are the pillars of Scrum, but often both are overlooked in any transformation. We focus instead on accountabilities, events and artifacts, but often forget why we are embracing these new concepts in the first place. We also overlook the importance of Empiricism at every level in your organization, not just at the team level.

Join us as we explore exercising Empiricism with Scrum, in an age of constant change, driven by technologies like AI, complex social media and robotics…to name a few.


You may not know that Scrum was born in Boston and thus it is very appropriate that Give Thanks For Scrum has become a true Boston tradition!

Photos from Give Thanks for Scrum events


Register now and hear keynote and plenary sessions from a fantastic lineup of presenters, including:

  • Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and founder of SCRUM INC

  • David West, CEO of Scrum.Org

  • Daniel Mezick, founder of Agile Boston and the Open Leadership Network

  • Dan LeFebvre, Principal Agile Transformation Consultant & Trainer at SCRUM INC

  • Yuval Yeret, Lean, Agility and Flow Coach | SAFe Fellow | PST

And More Speakers to come …. 

This event also includes a Q&A session featuring Jeff & Dave, so bring your toughest questions!

Photos from Give Thanks for Scrum events

  Photos from Give Thanks for Scrum ewvents




In addition to what we promise is a GREAT event, every participant ALSO receives the following:

  • All participants receive additional takeaway TOOLKITS FROM EACH SESSION, including PDF checklists, essays and more, from each and every Speaker session
  • All participants receive an INVITATION to become lifetime members of the Open Leadership Network. The OLN is a community dedicated to increasing employee engagement in org-level change, through the use of Open patterns and practices. OLN membership includes many bonuses and benefits. You can learn more here….
  • All participants receive THE SLIDES from all Speaker sessions



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