Sponsorship of the 2020 Event

The GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event is in it’s 12th year and has been a tradition in Boston for eleven years. For 2020 we are going WORLDWIDE and ONLINE. Sponsorship gives you access to this audience.

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Here is the attendee & participant profile:

  • We expect 350 to 400 people (over 180 have registered as of 10/27/2020)
  • 70% of participants have 6 or more years of Scrum
  • 21% of participants are Director-level or higher
  • 33% of participants report use of Scaled Agile Framework
  • 98% of participants report use of Scrum
  • Average company size represented is 12,000++ employees; the largest org has over 60,000 employees
  • 85% of the participants report using outside Scrum coaches and consultants
So here is the opportunity: 
There is one level of commercial sponsorship and we are accepting confirmations from a maximum of THREE. Note that we reserve the decision rights on who may Sponsor the event. We are looking for ALIGNED sponsors who can demonstrate a commitment to Open patterns and practices.

The 3 Commercial Sponsors of the GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM conference event receive the following benefits:

  • Your clickable logo on outgoing emails
  • Your clickable logo on the web site promotional pages
  • Your clickable logo and byline appears on each outgoing PDF document  (your clickable logo on each and every outgoing per-Speaker PDF.) Every participants gets a takeaway toolkit containing PDFs and slides from all Speakers and your logo will be visible throughout all of those takeaway PDFs.
  • Mention and promotional consideration on the day of the event, during the opening and closing segments.
  • Inclusion of a 1-page PDF from you which goes out to all attendees in the kit of take-away PDFs that every participant receives after the event!
  • Two tickets to the event
  • A discount code good for 15% OFF that you can send to your mailing list (only groups of 10 or more get a 15% discount but your code gives that 15% discount to the individuals on your list.)
  • AFTER THE EVENT: Videos…
    • Participants have access to videos after the event. Your logo will appear as part of the branding of each video.

These Sponsorship opportunities are valuable and limited.



To learn more,

CLICK HERE to contact us about Sponsorship opportunities!!