Why Attend the #GTFS2020 Conference Event


Why Attend the 12th Annual GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM Event?

Because this is perhaps the greatest Scrum conference event of all time: the 12th Annual GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM event. On November 24th.

Listed below are the TOP SIXTEEN REASONS you want to be at this event…

Reason #01: Jeff Sutherland is the absolute star of the show! Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and co-author of the Scrum Guide. Jeff will keynote the event in the morning and also answer your questions during the Q&A Panel event in the afternoon. If the new Scrum Guide is out by then, anything can happen !!

Reason #02: You’ll hear from executives who reveal their opinion of Scrum. AT LEAST two of the sessions feature real executives telling real stories about their actual experiences with Scrum !

Reason #03:  You’ll meet loads of great people! During this event, in between and during the sessions, you can go in the Hallway and Lobby and see who you might bump into. Also during lunch, we have set up Lunchrooms where you can sit with 6 or 7 others and get to know each other during the lunch break. Also, in each breakout session, you’ll connect with others through small group exercises (1,2, or 3 people) and make new connections.


Reason #04:  You’ll gain a new superpower: CLEAN LANGUAGE. When gathering requirements, communication is key. Clean Language as taught by expert and author Caitlin Walker will radically improve your ability to gather GREAT Scrum requirements.


Reason #05:  You’ll gain a new Scrum superpower: PROMISE THEORY. Promise Theory offers a new way to think about- and scale- collaboration. Author Mark Burgess has developed an algebra of cooperation which with radically improve your Scrum, especially when attempting to implement Scrum at scale.


Reason #06:  You’ll gain a new Scrum superpower: HOW TO EXECUTE ON SCRUM, CONNECTED. “Remote Scrum” is now mainstream. Question: How do you effectively communicate over video? Answer: by taking advantage of THE CAMERA. Daniel Mezick is a leading authority on how to communicate, collaborate and lead online.

Reason #07:  You’ll gain a new Scrum superpower: NO LIMITS SELF MANAGEMENT. We have the leading expert on self-managed teams in the world, Doug Kirkpatrick, teaching from his book, NO LIMITS SELF MANAGEMENT. You’ll gain new know-how and new superpowers here.

Reason #08:  You’ll gain a new Scrum superpower: A FOCUS ON SCRUM DECISION RIGHTS. Stuart Turner, a Scrum coach with over 12 years of experience will be teaching on Scrum decision-rights, arguably the most important aspect of Scrum. You’ll be looking at authorized decision-rights in a whole new way after his session!

Reason #09:  You’ll gain a new Scrum superpower: HOW TO HIRE FOR SCRUM TEAMS. How do you hire team members in this new world? Heidi Araya shows you how, and provides a takeaway toolkit in her session.

Reason #10:  You’ll gain a new Scrum superpower: LEADERSHIP SCRUM. Leadership Scrum is a Scrum derivative tailored for executive leadership teams. Any legitimate transformation must start at the top, and Jon Jorgensen, a co-author of Leadership Scrum, shows you how.

Reason #11: You’ll gain a new Scrum superpower: THE POWER OF EMPIRICIST PHILOSOPHY. Former Buddhist priest, author and philosopher Yasuhiko Genko Kimura introduces you to the philosophy of Empiricism, explains how Scrum manifests this philosophy, and provides you with a toolkit and new knowledge to take your Scrum implementation to a whole new level.


Reason #12:  You’ll leave the event with A GREAT TAKEAWAY TOOLKIT FOR SCRUM. Each speaker provides a PDF containing a checklist, essay or other tool to extend your reach, AFTER the event. You’ll gain valuable takeaway toolkits.

Reason #13: You get the videos of all the sessions. You’ll only be able to attend a few breakouts, so we are recording all the sessions and making those videos available to you AFTER the event, so you can continue learning! The videos plus the takeaway toolkits are a complete package that is included in the price of your ticket!

Reason #14:  You might win the raffle! And it is worth over 18 thousand dollars! Speakers and sponsors are offering a wide range of valuable goodies, primarily SEATS IN CLASSES that are worth up to $1000 each. We will pick the winners from the serialized ticket purchases, every 20th ticket purchaser is a winner !

Reason #15: Participants in this event are invited into full, lifetime membership in the Open Leadership Network. The Open Leadership Network is the community devoted to spreading Open patterns and practices that result in more employee engagement and genuine org-level change. Members are supporting a movement, gain access to member-only events and also enjoy 15% off on continuing education. Learn more at OpenLeadershipNetwork.com

Reason #16: You can compete in the POWERPOINT KAREOKE competition during the after-conference social hour! After the event, kick back with some beer or wine, meet some people,  and enjoy some Powerpoint Kareoke: a hilarious and delightful improvisation game that is guaranteed to blow your mind! Participate and either singles or double divisions. Learn more here.