Transformation Starts with Leadership, and is Driven by Leadership!

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When: Wednesday March 22, 2023 at 4:00PM
Where: Zoom



During the Q&A session of the Give Thanks For Scrum 2022 celebration, Dr. Jeff Sutherland confirmed that any real transformation starts with transforming leadership. At Rocket Mortgage for example, it was the senior managers that were first transformed into Agile leaders, and then they drove the transformation throughout the organization. It was these leaders that held the Product Owners and Scrum Masters accountable, removed impediments to true Agility and shielded the Organization from meddling senior executives.

Unfortunately most transformations start with forming teams within the same top-down organizational structure and hiring Scrum Masters that have very little authority or accountability to build truly self-managing and cross functional teams or raise escalations for impediments to Business Agility.

If Organizations truly want lasting change, it must start with the transformation of their Engineering and Product leadership at every level. Hard conversations must be had and tough decisions must be made. In this meet-up, Joseph DeAngelis will show you what it means to transform a manager into an Agile leader and give you the insights you need to determine whether your organization is truly serious about changing.

If you are an Executive, Senior, Middle or Line Manager, this is a presentation you will not want to miss!


Joseph DeAngelis