The “Self” in Self-Management: The Untold Story

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NOTE: This will be a noon time event!

This Presentation is for all those who are currently stuck in their transformation, have lost the desire to continue, or feel unable to act.

Unfortunately, our psyche does not always work for us in such cases: some knots in our heads accompany us while we try to change departments or entire organizations:

“We can’t do it!”
“It can’t be done!”
“The others will laugh at us!”

Often you don’t even see the effort, you just feel it. Sometimes things are easier than you think – but often harder than you originally thought. In some transformations, you have the feeling that the scope and complexity of individual topics increase with each step and drill down.

In this presentation, Dr. Miriam Sasse shares her personal and profound stories from various transformations, and offers insights into the completely normal, human difficulties in agile and digital transformations. She also offers suggestions for stress-reducing and appreciative thought patterns. Only when the inner attitude and mindfulness is strengthened, we arrive at conducive structures. Living systems are always self-organized. The only question is whether self-management takes place on the secret backstage of the organization or whether it is allowed to be presented freely on the frontstage. It is important to be willing to experiment, and this includes courage and a sense of self-efficacy.

Those attending this presentation will understand why the supposedly logical is sometimes difficult to implement. Self-view, self-efficacy are strengthened through inspiration and practical knowledge.


Dr.-Ing. Miriam Sasse focuses on the self-optimization of teams and work processes after her studies in industrial engineering and psychology and her doctoral thesis on artificial intelligence in plant engineering. She currently works as an Agile Coach and Transformation Consultant at Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA / arvato Systems. She is a certified business coach as well as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy. Miriam has already accompanied teams from the fields of plant and mechanical engineering, automotive construction, civil engineering, electronics, IT, services as well as research in the implementation of projects. Her focus is on making psychological perspectives and techniques understandable and applicable for engineers and computer scientists. Areas of application are resilience, crisis and change management – in classic projects, agile teams and transformations.


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