The Demise of Bad Agile; the rise of Great Agile!

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When Agile crossed the chasm to become mainstream, around 2010, the community grew exponentially.
This growth continued until recently when scaled frameworks sustained a collapse in their market shares and the general sentiment toward Agile gradually started to turn negative.
In this session, Luca Minudel dives into what he believes has caused the current state of Agile, and what he thinks can be done about it. The Luca will open up the floor encouraging everyone to share and discuss their views.


Luca Minudel  is an Agility/XP/Lean, Complexity-thinking, and modern Product Management advisor, mentor, coach, change agent author and a speaker. Luca has contributed to the adoption of lean and agile practices by Ferrari’s F1 racing team and has worked as an Agile Transformation Lead and Lean/Agile Coach in companies such as Lloyds, BP, The AA, Japan Tobacco International, HSBC, LexisNexis, Marsh McLennan. Luca is the founder and CEO at, a company that helps organisations turn their way of working into their competitive advantage.