How Social in your Leadership?

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We are in the Social Age!

As we witnessed our life and work landscape alter drastically as a consequence of the global pandemic, the world is crying out for more great social leadership.

Leadership comes in many forms. But what makes a Social Leader? What characteristics do they have?  Why are they needed now more than ever?

In this presentation, Agile and Engineering Leader Sathpal Singh will be sharing his journey into Social Leadership, its potential and how he adopted it’s mindset and behaviors while building and nurturing a knowledge sharing community of engineers working in financial services.

This 3-part presentation provokes thought and reflection around the changing face and nature of leadership within the context of the Social Age. It outlines some familiar leadership styles before going deeper into what Social Leadership is, what characteristics and behaviors making Social Leaders and how social leadership behaviors are developed.

Those attending this presentation will have a better understanding of:

  • What is the Social Age
  • What is Social Leadership
  • Why is Social Leadership so important
  • What do Social Leaders look like
  • How does one develop as a Social Leader
  • How this can be applied in practice


Sathpal Singh

Sathpal operates at the intersection of Engineering and Agile, with a focus on people, culture and communities. Having started his career as a Software Engineer, Sathpal has moved from hands-on developer roles into management and leadership and over the last 20 years has experienced numerous industries and delivered a range of programs and products for international clients and global brands. Sathpal has a number of voluntary roles over and above his day job in the banking sector and is currently Organizer at Future of Work Scotland,  Chair of the BCS Agile Methods group and sits on the CMI Scotland board, as their Communications Lead.  He was also an Advisor and Trustee of the Agile20Reflect festival which has now rebranded as Access Agile.

You can reach Sathpal on:
Twitter:  “@sathpal”