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….for Agile change across your Organization

Enterprises face a variety of challenges as they introduce agile techniques, practices, and tools. In fact, 30% of respondents to the 15th annual State of Agile report identified no fewer than ten different challenges faced while adopting Agile. The most significant Agile adoption barriers include:

  • Absence of leadership participation
  • Inadequate management support and sponsorship
  • Cultural clashes
  • General organizational resistance to change
  • Lack of skills and experience
  • Inconsistencies in processes and practices

The key challenges organizations face when adopting Agile have remained largely unchanged for the past several years. Challenges with leadership participation, management support and cultural clashes continue to be problems.

Why is this?

In this presentation, Agile Boston organizers Ann K Brea, Joseph DeAngelis, and Daniel Mezick present several reasons why such barriers to Agile adoption continue to remain, and present practical ways you can overcome these barriers. In the process, they will circle back to Give Thanks For Scrum 2020 and highlight some of lessons learned in that event that can and have directly resulted in overcoming these Agile adoption barriers.

Those attending this session will take away:

  1. Why these impediments have remained unchanged over the past several years
  2. Where the challenges are, in leadership participation in the agile adoption
  3. Specifically HOW to engage your executive leaders, achieve real management support, and begin to calm cultural clashes
  4. Take away real examples of successful transformations from the presenters at Give Thanks For Scrum 2020

Daniel Mezick     Joe DeAngelis        Ann K Brea

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