September Virtual Event: AGILE IS THE NEW WATERFALL! by Alexandre F Joly

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It has been 23 years since the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and IT Project Management was written.  What lessons have we learned? What actions should we take? Are our employee’s happy and customers satisfied?

During lunchtime, Alexandre F. Joly will share his observations and experience-based insights on the adoption phenomenon. With the will and intention to do better, let’s dare to understand the chasm and uncover new ways to make the world move smarter and with openness.

  1. Has the mass adoption of agility become the new convention? The new static compliance?
  2. Worse: would “agile”, imposed in organizations, often misunderstood and poorly implemented, have contributed to transforming this dream of a more human world of work into a factory of robots obeying false consultants? pretense and deception?
  3. The Agile Dream has become a morbid conformity nightmare for many.


Passionate About Agile, Scrum, and Business Agility, Alexandre Frédéric Joly is the Founder and Chief Client Experience Officer of Agile Lounge® for Business Agility under the group company AF J Solutions Inc. In 1999, two engineers asked Alexandre to be a Scrum Master instead of a project manager for a software simulation training product. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to Lean and Agile systems, always striving for self-improvement while delivering business value and enhancing people’s experience.

Alexandre Frédéric Joly is a seasoned International Entrepreneur, Scrum Coach, and Business Agility Consultant with 25+ years of experience. He has founded several ventures and companies, and through his involvement in numerous agile transformations and startups, he has developed world-class project and product management skills.  Finally, Alexandre believes in decentralized decision-making and subsumption hierarchy, always seeking ways to uphold these values.