Product Agility: Moving from a Feature Funnel to the Product Flywheel

Event Details

Product Agility: Moving from a feature funnel to a product flywheel

Amazons explosive growth has been credited to a self-sustaining/ever-accelerating virtuous cycle dubbed the Amazon flywheel. Similarly, HubSpot has implemented a sales flywheel after realizing that a sales funnel views the customer as an afterthought rather than the driving force for exponential growth. This presentation introduces Product Agility, which applies the concept of the flywheel to reduce internal friction in product management and development, leveraging Agile and Lean Startup principles in a unique process to spark self-sustaining, ever-accelerating product growth.

What you will learn from this talk:

  • Why shifting towards a product flywheel really matters
  • Which organizational shifts in mindset are critical to remove friction and enable the product flywheel
  • How to approach prioritization differently to quickly identify features and functionality with the highest impact
  • How to accelerate a transition to the product flywheel