The Open Leadership Symposium

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About The Open Leadership Symposium:

Scaling Business Agility

Scaling business agility is not simple, but real success is achievable though the use of Open principles, and by the use of patterns and practices based upon them.

Open social technologies include ways-of-working frameworks, meeting designs, interaction protocols and more. All of these enabling Open social technologies share a set of core characteristics that make genuine and lasting business agility possible:

  • They are invitation-based… not imposition-based
  • They are published under an open license, not a closed one
  • They are free to modify and extend… they are never ‘set’ or ‘finished’
  • They are based on principles– rather than rules – as outputs & results vary by application and context
  • They promote the distribution of clear decision rights, not the imposition of a central plan
  • They are designed to be modular and combinable, rather than monolithic and inflexible. Open social technologies invite recombination and design innovation
  • They promote self-management, not ‘command-and-control’
  • They promote human autonomy, rather than human dependence
  • They encourage dynamicby-agreement partnerships, not the imposition of static reporting structures
  • They support free-will promises and agreements, rather than authoritarian impositions
  • They align with the idea that organizations are complex and adaptive living systems, rather than machines

This is the world’s first and only leadership symposium on how to apply Open principles, patterns, and practices to achieve agile and digital transformation, and genuine business agility.

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