NURTURING ENGAGEMENT & PARTICIPATION: the life blood of mature organizations and a defining characteristic of effective leaders

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the life blood of mature organizations and a defining characteristic of effective leaders



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Engagement is the cornerstone of Scrum and mature teams. Previous studies show employees are only 20% engaged in their work, which often leads to missed opportunities, low quality, unhappy customers and a stagnant organization with low morale. Scrum means to change this by deliberately pushing decision rights down to Scrum teams, which increases engagement, raises morale and leads to a more rapid creation of comprehensive designs/plans by tapping the group’s collective wisdom.

In this presentation, Sr. Director of Software Engineering Mark Jackson will show you how to dramatically improve engagement in your events by:

  • Defining several equations for measuring engagement at your Scrum events
  • Presenting a blue print to better structure your events (Status, Brainstorming, Design, etc.) and define the right engagement model to match the type of event (Presentation + Q&A, Ideation + Voting, 1-2-4-All, etc.)
  • Identifying and minimizing engagement anti-patterns (Facilitator hogging the mic, Anchoring, Spoke-and-Hub meetings, etc.)
  • Highlighting  cultural characteristics that promote good engagement: non-violent communication, challenging assumptions, valuing curiosity over having the “right” answer, and
  • Conducting a workshop with session participants that entails putting these principles and tools into practice using Miro and Liberating Structures



Mark Jackson is a software engineering process strategist who builds dynamic teams fueled by Customer Centricity, Ownership and Trust. Mark employs Systems Thinking to achieve measurable outcomes by minimizing waste and nurturing a culture steeped in data-driven Inspection and Adaption. Mark has developed speech recognition solutions for the Healthcare, Social Service, and Law Enforcement industries over the past 20 years.