Navigating the Traps of OKRs

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Navigating the Traps of OKRs, with Kim Antelo


So many companies are implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s). However, many are not focusing on smaller and more measurable outcomes, at the team or product level, within a shorter timeline.

In this session, we will learn about the difference and overlap between the HEART framework and Pirate AAARRR metrics and why this matters.  We will then walk through a case study of a healthcare company with lofty OKRs but with little tie back to product performance, and discuss some of the traps and ways to overcome the pressures of just “delivering more features.”

Kim Antelo is a Director at CapTech, and has proven expertise in delivering solutions by leveraging Product Management, Agile and Lean methodologies. She has consistently adopted innovative approaches to solving complex corporate problems throughout her 20+ year career.

Through training and coaching, Kim enables clients to solve problems while delivering outcomes and strategically focusing on addressing corporate issues. The services she provides include Agile training and coaching, change management, and leadership coaching.  Kim has helped very small start-ups to very large companies from tech, healthcare, manufacturing, operating rooms, and children’s clothing.

Kim worked directly with Jeff Sutherland as the Product Owner of the Training and Transformation team.  She is a Certified Enterprise Coach through the Scrum Alliance, guide in the Agile Leadership Journey, and a facilitator for Path to Agility.