Helping Organizations Change that are all Changed-out!

Event Details

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As companies look to either start their Agile journey or to continuously improve their ability to not do Agile, but “be Agile”, the ability of the Scrum Masters and/or Agile Coaches to support the removal of impediments and the implementation of solutions is critical. In this interactive session, we will take a look at a few types of change models (Kotter, Heath, ADKAR) to see how to make change easier and more attainable for your organization while having a lot of fun.

Those attending this workshop will:

  1. Be able to identify why many organizations are not successful with change
  2. Leverage empirical data from your situation
  3. Decide which pieces can help you make change in your org… all while having fun!

Kim Antelo
has proven expertise in delivering solutions by leveraging Scrum, Agile and Lean methodologies. She has consistently adopted innovative approaches to solving complex corporate problems throughout her 20 years’ career. Through training and coaching, she enables clients to solve problems while delivering outcomes and strategically focusing on solving big corporate problems. The knowledge she brings includes Agile training and coaching, change management, e-commerce, medical and drug card claims, ERP, order processing systems, work scope planning, EDI transactions, product management, business analysis, and project management. Kim worked directly with Jeff Sutherland as the Product Owner of the Training and Transformation team. She is a guide in the Agile Leadership Journey, and a facilitator for the Path to Agility. Kim’s superpower is challenging status quo. She will question corporate rules and ways of doing things in order to find a more simple, effective, and higher quality outcome. She doesn’t just think outside the box, she blows the box up. Companies she has made an impact at include: a number of Fortune 100 companies, GE Aviation, Express Scripts, Anthem, Schlumberger and many more.