Give Thanks For Scrum 2018

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Join us on Tuesday November 20, 2018 for Agile Boston’s 10th Annual Give Thanks For Scrum event.

You may not know that Scrum was born in Boston and thus its very appropriate that this event is rapidly becoming a true Boston tradition! Register now and get Jeff Sutherland and other Scrum experts for the WHOLE DAY, where they will give individual presentations and then join forces to answer your toughest Scrum questions in a special afternoon Q&A panel session.

This is one of the highest-quality and lowest-cost 1-day Agile conferences in Boston and maybe in the entire country, so get your tickets now!

Stay tuned for more updates including who our confirmed speakers are and how you can get a chance to present at this event!


The world of Scrum is constantly progressing and Scrum is now being applied way beyond software. Scrum is beginning to touch every aspect of the business. The term “Business Agility” is now a phrase that is in common use. New frameworks and new forms of Scrum are addressing this reality now, throughout the world.

At this year’s Give Thanks for Scrum event, we explore BUSINESS AGILITY



Plenary speaker JEFF SUTHERLAND needs no introduction! Jeff is one of the inventors of the Scrum software development process. Together with Ken Schwaber, he created Scrum as a formal process at OOPSLA 95. Jeff helped to write the Agile Manifesto in 2001 and is a co-author (along with Ken Schwaber) of The Scrum Guide.


Plenary speaker DAVID WEST is the Chief Product Owner at He is a frequent keynote speaker and is a widely published author of articles, along with his acclaimed book: Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. He led the development of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and then worked with Ivar Jacobson running the North American business for IJI. Then managed the software delivery practice at Forrester research where he was VP and research director. Prior to joining he was Chief Product Officer at Tasktop where he was responsible for product management, engineering and architecture.


Coaching executives and teams since 2006, DANIEL MEZICK is an expert on extending adaptive Agile culture beyond software. His books and workshops teach you how.

A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Daniels list of clients include Capital One, INTUIT, CIGNA, SIEMENS Healthcare, Pitney Bowes, Harvard University, and dozens of smaller enterprises.

His first pioneering work on culture was published in 2012. THE CULTURE GAME described 16 specific patterns that extend Agile ideas across the organization, beyond software. THE CULTURE GAME describes a very clear, step-by-step program for doing exactly that.


8:45AM Breakfast and Check in

9:30AM Morning Session Starting with David West keynote

Lunch & Networking

Afternoon Session Featuring Jeff Sutherland keynote
Q&A panel include Jeff and David West

4:00PM Done!

The schedule and speaker sequencing will be published first at AgileBoston.Org so go there first for latest news and details.