Exploring the Purpose of a Scrum Master

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Purpose of a Scrum Master

In many organizations, the Scrum Master is one of the least understood roles. How many times have you heard:

“What value does a Scrum Master bring?”

“How do we measure the Scrum Master contributions?”

“Is a Scrum Master a leadership role?”

If you are a Scrum Master or someone who manages Scrum Masters, join us for an interactive dialog exploring the Purpose of a Scrum Master.

We will use Simon Sineks’ model: The Golden Circle to dive deeply into how a Scrum Master provides value to an organization. As long practicing scrum masters, we will explore our journey of discovery and invite you to share your experiences and possibly refine “your purpose.”

We will provide a tool/framework that connects organization objectives to Scrum Master deliverables.

Together Patrick and John have collaborated to bring an agile mindset and change to a Fortune 100 company. They work with executives, teams, and individual contributors to increase awareness, productivity, and happiness. Together they create lively and engaging talks. Come prepared to participate and experience the value of the Scrum Master.


John Belge

John is a change agent using collaborative techniques to enable constructive and honest communication. John is motivated by seeing people grow beyond what they thought was possible and co-creating steps to make it a reality.

Patrick O’Neill

Patrick is a technology leader, working with teams and leaders to create a compelling vision and strategy to make it happen. Patrick is an enthusiastic scrum practitioner using empiricism and lean thinking. He breaks problems down to their essential elements enabling teams to execute successfully.