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When:  Wednesday January 27, 2021 4:30-6:00 PM
Where: Zoom 

From the comfort of wherever you are in the world, Jon will guide you through structured experiential learning, launching from a base of curiosity, fueled by speculation, to discover what’s possible for organizations of every size in any domain, to make the most of what they’ve got, to get more of what they want.

What would it be like for you, as a leader, to get what you really want?

What business outcomes do you want?  What are you willing to become and do to have them?

Let’s get that straight, now!
Then, select an approach.
Get feedback.

This session will be highly engaging, interactive, cognitively demanding, and private. Sharpened rhetoric and rigor may happen.

The latest Zoom version and a computer that can access Mural.co are needed. An “always-on webcam” and activated mic in a quiet place are highly encouraged to join the meeting.

4:30pm: Welcome and Intro
4:45pm: Speaker
5:45pm: Wrap-up
6:00pm: Adjourn


Jon Jorgensen likes learning about everything: business, people, software development, languages, brain science, improv; pretty much whatever he runs into.

Jon spent 17 years working in Japan, learning to be Lean, Agile, and to flow with work. He won’t toe-dip. He dives in head-first and goes deep. He returns to the surface with ideas which are uncommon, unconventional, and simple, but just might work when nothing else will. (Think: MacGyver without the mullet.) Jon has literally won a competitive Japanese game show (The Magic Lamp, 1997) paired with his wife’s grandfather.

Coaching teams and leaders is a passion of Jon’s. He won’t fix or protect people, because they don’t need it. Instead he gets curious about them, and what they really care about. If they feel “stuck” he helps them find their way to break through. That’s Jon’s happy place; where people are being awesome and are acknowledged for their greatness.

He sees the irony in life, sees his mistakes, and relishes learning from both. He appreciates the counter-intuitive bits of work, and rolls with it. He feels he’s at his best amidst uncertainty.