Empiricism is the Driving Force for Real Organizational Change

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What is the purpose of Scrum?   Why do we do it?

In my previous presentation, we drilled into the role of the Scrum Master in driving Empiricism across the Organization. Together we reviewed the purpose of Scrum, the importance of not forcing Scrum on projects that don’t require it, and specific things the Scrum Master needs to do to drive empiricism, like defining clear sprint goals, producing done increments and promoting stakeholder engagement.

In part II of this series, I will discuss how empiricism is the driving force to tangible Organizational change. From mindset to team structures, attempting to exercise empiricism will expose many impediments in the organization that must be overcome to achieve real and lasting Agility.

Join me and learn what these impediments are and what real changes are needed to overcome them.



  Joseph DeAngelis