Layered Champions: Creating the Space for Self Management

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Self management can be a challenge for teams, leaders, and even Scrum Masters. While understanding the benefits of self management is relatively easy, enabling a way of working that maintains self management health over time is another. Self management is not guaranteed when a team starts playing Scrum. It’s not as simple as telling a team to manage themselves. It’s not a strong play to solely rely on the Scrum Master to coach the team through self management situations. Enabling self management on a team requires consistent support from multiple champions on and around a team.

Join us as Agile Coach Frank Saucier discusses an approach called “Layered Champions” that can help create the space needed for self management to grow. The approach focuses on creating an active partnership between key roles on and around a team to establish self management as a goal and to make sure that the team and the Layered Champions inspect and adapt to any changing situations.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Who the Layered Champions are for a team
  • What the accountabilities are for Layered Champions
  • How to use Layered Champions Diagrams to see self management challenges
  • How often Layered Champions should meet
  • What situations should involve Layered Champions
  • What topics Layered Champions should and should not discuss


Frank Saucier is an Executive and Agile coach, trainer, and change facilitator at FreeStanding Agility. By inviting participation and building collaboration, Frank’s able to empower teams and leaders to realize their goals of adopting Agile and scaling Business Agility. You can reach Frank by email at or on LinkedIn at


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