Commitments, Promises and Forecasts: PROMISE THEORY EXPLAINED

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In this session, Daniel Mezick will explore PROMISE THEORY and the term “promise” as applied to Scrum. In PROMISE THEORY, a “Promise” sits between the two extremes of Commitment and Forecast. 
A commitment implies a total ability to direct and control causation, while “forecast” suggests something hopelessly complex, like a weather system, and an inability to cause anything at all
Promises in Promise Theory are statements of very strong intent, suggesting that every effort will be made to produce the desired result
PROMISE THEORY is a tool that will improve your Scrum and in this session you’ll be introduced to it, and learn how to use it. 
Participants will get the most out of this session by first watching this short video: 
Everyone who attends gets a discounted ticket to the upcoming Promise Theory class starting November 4: