Clean Language – Inviting New Insights with Simple Questions

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As we continue to deal with the impacts of Covid-19, Agile Boston is committed to continuing to nurture a thriving Agile community with two 90 minute virtual sessions each month.  This month we are featuring:


… we have come to value Individuals and interactions over processes and tools…” (

When we communicate with others, they infer much about what we truly value.  Do you value other people’s ideas and insights? Do you want to invite others to say what they’re really thinking instead of what they think you want to hear? Do you want your questions to convey genuine curiosity?

Clean Language is a set of questions developed by counseling psychologist David Grove in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These simple questions invite people to focus on their insights and experience and generate new ideas and innovations. Caitlin Walker extended his work and applied it to increasing engagement and high performance in groups.

Mark Sheffield will share practical applications of Clean Language based on what he has learned from working with Caitlin and from applying Clean Language techniques at work and in daily life.

You are invited to join us to learn about Clean Language and how to apply it. The session will include time for Q&A.


Mark is an Agile coach, certified trainer, and co-author of two books on organizational change. He focuses on explaining and then implementing invitation, opt-in, and pull when coaching Agile to executives, teams and organizations. Mark has been training, coaching, and launching Agile teams since 2013 and has over 20 years’ experience developing software solutions.

He has been delivering Open Space online using Zoom since 2017, serving about 1700 people during this time via a mix of public and private (corporate) events.


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