Beyond Guesswork: Empirical Strategies for Agile Release Planning

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Beyond Guesswork: Empirical Strategies for Agile Release Planning
Empiricism stands as a cornerstone in agile environments, guiding teams toward informed, evidence-based decision-making. Our exploration delves into the pivotal role of empiricism in enhancing release planning processes. We will dissect the intricacies of sizing and large-scale estimation, highlighting how these methods enable teams to predict outcomes with greater accuracy. The session further examines the utility of release burndown charts, illustrating their significance in monitoring progress and facilitating dynamic strategy adjustments. We will also show how multi-team and multi-milestone situation are handled.
President & Principal Agile Transformation Consultant at DCL Business Agility
Dan LeFebvre was the first Certified Scrum Coach in New England with over thirty years in product development as a developer, manager, director, and coach. His work has spanned various industries, dramatically improving productivity, quality, and team engagement.