Deep Dive into the Leadership Tranformation at Rocket Mortgage

In this meet-up, VP of Engineering at Rocket Mortgage, David Juan, will deep-dive into the specifics of their leadership transformation and explain in detail the role leadership had in the Client Market adoption of Scrum@Scale.




If you are a senior or middle manager and you feel left behind in your companies transformation, or worse, like your role is being eliminated, don’t miss this presentation!

During the Q&A session of the Give Thanks For Scrum 2022 celebration, Dr. Jeff Sutherland confirmed that any real transformation starts with transforming leadership. At Rocket Mortgage, it was the senior and middle managers that were first transformed into Agile leaders, and those leaders then drove the transformation throughout the organization. It was these leaders that held the Product Owners and Scrum Masters accountable, removed impediments to true Agility and shielded the Organization from meddling senior executives.

The Client Marketing Release Train at Rocket Mortgage employed four primary tactics to improve and scale its Scrum practice:

  1. Client Marketing senior leadership completed training with Dr. Jeff Sutherland on scaling Scrum
  2. Client Marketing was retrained in the three Scrum roles, the five events, and the three artifacts.
  3. Client Marketing leadership set the expectation that each team would strip away any complexity that had been layered on over the years and revert to following the Scrum Guide.
  4. Finally, the Client Marketing leadership began to operate as a Scrum team as well.


David Juan is a Vice President of Engineering at Rocket Central, where he is responsible for the interconnected client experience across the Rocket ecosystem.  This includes Rocket Mortgage, which has completely transformed the mortgage industry through technology.  David has worked with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, for several years to bring new ideas and techniques to his engineering teams focused on scaling and accelerating the delivery of value.  David studied Cloud Computing and Solutions at Purdue University Global and is currently earning a Master of Science in Technology Management from NC A&T State University.  David lives in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and enjoys traveling with his family, playing the ukulele, and spending time in the great outdoors (often times all three at once).