Case Study: The Business and Development Working Together to Align on Requirements and Deploy Faster!




Business and Development Working Together

One of the 12 supporting Agile principles is Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project. However, many times Scrum teams are hindered from investing in reducing technical debt, enhancing their test automation, or automating their release pipelines, by the constant push of the Business to deliver more and more features.

Within the Nuance Healthcare organization, there is a constant push to meet the high demand for their products. Product Management has a growing list of new functionality, while Engineering has a growing list of non-functional requirements. Both sides needed a way to align on functional and non-functional requirements and deliver value more frequently at scale.

Product Management and Engineering decided to partner together using Scrum! Scrum has enabled product management and engineering to align on functional and non-functional requirements and deliver value faster to customers.

In this session, Murali Barla, Senior Engineering Manager, and Nassib Khanafer, Senior Product Manager, will share their own journey on how they partnered to:

  1. Create alignment on requirements
  2. Establish a continuous refinement process​
  3. Deliver product increments faster
  4. Remove dependencies on a centralized Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team

The results were amazing!  In less than 2 quarters, the number of deployments increased by 300%, the cycle time per deployment decreased by 400% and the dependence on SRE to deploy was completely eliminated!

Come to this session and learn how!


Nassib Khanafer, Senior Product Manager at Nuance Communications
Murali Barla, Senior Engineering Manager at Nuance Communications