Agile Boston 2020 Virtual Meetups

4/1 Session: Remote At Scale

In this session, Daniel Mezick will present actual experience reports about how prioritizing new norms for online video meetings led to real success in scaling.

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4/8 Session: Resetting Your Scrum Teams

In this session, Joseph DeAngelis discussed the reason team chartering is so important to the success of a Scrum team, key chartering exercises Joseph has used with dozens of Scrum teams, and these exercises can even be applied to mature Scrum teams.

4/15 Session: Patterns for High Performing Scrum Teams

In this session, Joseph DeAngelis discussed why teams that finish early accelerate faster: a pattern language consisting of 9 Scrum patterns proven to create hyper-productive Scrum teams.  In fact Jeff Sutherland himself has stated he would not work on a Scrum team without these patterns in place.

Watch Swarming 101 Video Here


4/22 Session: What About Those Outside of the 3 Scrum Roles?

In this session, Joseph DeAngelis discussed how managers, architects, technical leads, DBAs, etc. work within a Scrum Organization.


4/29 Session: No Limits Self Management

Doug Kirkpatrick from Morning Star joined us to tell the story of how Morning Star started in 1990 and rapidly became the leader in the tomato processing industry, with NO managers and two simple Principles!

5/6 Session: Messaging of Operational Metrics

Joseph DeAngelis discusses key Scrum Team operation metrics that can help teams incorporate hard data into their retrospectives and identify new opportunities to improve.  These metrics can also be rolled up into an Executive Action Team, but at this point messaging throughout the organization on how these metrics will be viewed is key to limiting fear and anxiety.


5/13 Session: The Way Forward: A Scaled Agile Experience

 David Hanson

PDF Slides


5/20 Session: Tales from Scrum @ Scale Implementations

Dan LeFabvre

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Learn more about the Switch Change Model and the MIRO tool mentioned during Dan’s presentation.


5/27 Session: Escalation of Organizational Impediments to the EAT

Joseph DeAngelis discusses what his company has put together to identify and raise impediments up the chain of command, all the way to the EAT if need be.  He also discusses what types of impediments should be raised and how to communicate the process to the larger organization.

7/15 Session: You Can Unlock Big Change Using Agile Data

Joel Foner described how to get to defensible data quickly, and data-enabled techniques you can use to trigger big change, even where progress seems to be blocked.



7/29 Session: Gaining Adoption of Key Scrum Operational Metrics

Joseph DeAngelis explains the keys to gaining buy-in and adoption of key operational Scrum metrics across over 70 Scrum teams in a Scrum @ Scale Environment.  Joseph describes the messaging, pitfalls and fears an organization can have when new operational metrics are introduced and ways to relax these fears and gain adoption.


8/12 Session: OKRs in a Scaled Environment

Don Blair describes what OKRs are and how they can work to create both alignment and continuous improvement in a Scaled Agile Environment.  Don references examples of how OKRs are used in the Spotify model and also SAFe.

OKRs in a Scaled Environment.pdf


8/26 Session: The Agile Checklist for Executives

Daniel Mezick introduces a Checklist tool that you can use to walk executives through key elements of the Scrum Guide, and discuss exactly what is required to support Scrum.


9/16 Session: Portfolio Management: the key part of implementing Scrum at Scale

Joseph DeAngelis defines what a Product Portfolio and Portfolio Management is, and how true Portfolio Management is a vital part in creating alignment around a common Vision and Strategy, but also enabling the right autonomy at the team level, two huge parts of scaling Scrum successfully.


9/30 Session: Enabling an Emerging Agile Culture: Challenging Status Quo

Kim Antelo talks about ways of impacting culture to allow for a more Agile way of being and not just going through the motions of doing Agile.

Enabling an Emerging Agile Culture.pdf

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You can contact Kim Antelo at:


10/14 Session:  Clean Language: Inviting New Insights with Simple Questions

Mark Sheffield shares practical applications of Clean Language based on what he has learned from applying Clean Language techniques at work and in daily life.

Clean Language – Agile Boston 2020-10-14 Handout


10/28 Session: Commitments, Promises and Forecasts: PROMISE THEORY EXPLAINED

Daniel Mezick Photo

In this session, Daniel Mezick will explore PROMISE THEORY and the term “promise” as applied to Scrum. In PROMISE THEORY, a “Promise” sits between the two extremes of Commitment and Forecast.

Thinking-Promises-Designing-Systems-Cooperation ebook
What is promise-theory?
Agile Imposition/