Transitioning from Projects to Products – Create a Culture of Continuous Delivery


When: Wednesday April 26, 2017  6:30 - 8:30 pm Est

Where:  131 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington MA


We Don't Need Projects



For years our work life has focused around projects, and the associated dates and deliverables we inevitably are late or even fail to deliver. This is understandable, really. We've been conditioned by our histories of IT projects  long ramp-up, big push, go-live, and on to the next thing! This project-based view has disincentivized our teams to focus on things like maintainability and thoughtful instrumentation of real product to understand how the experience can be improved over time. But our industry, especially due to the growth of mobile applications, is wired very differently today. Today if we are not thinking continuous delivery of real business value, we will rapidly fall behind our competition and eventually fail without corrective action.

Agile allows us to focus on something more important; product delivery. In practice, we need product managers, steady funding, the ability to track key metrics, and dedicated, long-lived development teams; not transient teams that come together briefly and then disband (its hard for developers to care about a product if they're constantly jumping from one project to the next).

In this talk, we will be discussing the changes that need to be made and how you can help your organization transition to a true product delivery mindset.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How to recognize the pain points of projects and how to overcome them with product thinking
  • The difference between project delivery and product delivery
  • The reasons why project delivery is not as critical as product delivery
  • Why it is critical for teams and their leaders to look further than this current project 



  • 6:30 -  Lean/Agile Introduction
  • 7:00 -  Food and Fun
  • 7:30 -  Transitioning from Projects to Products by Robert Annis
  • 8:25  - Wrap up
  • 8:30  - Done

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Robert Annis is the Training Services Director of Eliassen, defining the overall vision for the group, directing Agile coaches and trainers, and designing and delivering team and C-level executive training courses around the globe. Robert is also the lead Agile SME and instructor for Villanova University, focused on authoring and delivering high-quality courses to students as they grow their educational experience.  Robert has trained and coached many clients and has ongoing relationships with several of them including Harvard University, Toys R Us, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, AIG  and United Airlines.  Robert regularly speaks at industry events such as Agile Cincinnati 2016, TriAgile and for the International Institute for Learnings Agile and Scrum 2016 conference, as well as presents to industry groups such as the Project Management Institute (PMI).