Bringing the Toyota Way back to Toyota!

When: Wednesday February 21, 2018  6:30 - 8:30 pm Est

Where: Corporate HQ 131 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington MA 01803

Bringing the Toyota Way back to Toyota

The Slides from this presentation are Here!

Toyota is the birthplace of Lean and Agile. Many of the concepts and principles of Agile can be traced back to how Toyota develops and manufactures cars.   However it turns out that the further away a department in the company is from the manufacturing line, the less Lean and Agile it is!

Certified Enterprise Agile Coach Dan LeFebvre will share his experiences over the past year working with Toyota, specifically Dan will described how he and his team from Scrum Inc. has helped an IT department of over 4500 people in Toyota Motors of North America (TMNA) get back to their Lean and Agile roots.

Learn how Toyota North America is approaching various problems, including:
  • Dealing with fear in the organization
  • Getting infrastructure turned around quickly
  • Dealing with conflict between hierarchy and agile teams
  • Approaching annual planning
  • Getting leadership can be engaged


6:30 pm:  Agile Introductory Topic
7:00 pm:  Food and Fun
7:25 pm:  Keynote Presentation
8:30 pm:  DONE!


DAN LeFEBVRE is a Certified Enterprise Coach(CEC) with over thirty years in software product development as a developer, manager, director, and coach. He has been applying agile practices to successfully deliver products since 2003.  Dan is one of the founders of FreeStanding Agility and helps organizations improve quality and productivity. After successfully delivering products in diverse industries, Dan has developed a strong passion for helping organizations create great products and teams. Dan has worked with companies likes Toyota, CapitalOne, Bank of America, Avaya, athenaHealth, among others bringing his knowledge and experience to helping them transform into a more agile workplace.