Size And Speed: Stories, Tools and Techniques From Fast-Moving Enterprises


When: August 24, 2016  6:30pm - 8:30pm
Where: Scrum Inc.  1 Broadway Cambridge MA



How do you combine speed with scale? Does rapid speed actually scale? The answer to this question is Yes!  In this session Robert Zhu will share specific success stories about how some of the teams he worked with moved quickly in very complex enterprise environments like Microsoft and Facebook.  You'll learn about implementing Scrum, ad-hoc agile, devops, microservices, and the context/culture that enabled these elements to come together.  Robert will also plan to familiarize you with some enabling toolsets like: AWS, docker, github, and GraphQL


  • What kind of team culture supports size and speed? What kind of team culture does not?
  • What are some very specific principles and patterns that actually work?
  • What kind of tooling is needed to support scale?

You can expect considerable time for questions throughout this fast-moving presentation, so come prepared with your most difficult questions and expect to get them answered during this session.



6:30 pm:  Agile Introduction
7:00 pm:  Food and Fun
7:25 pm:  Main Presentation
8:25 pm:  Announcements
8:30 pm:  Done




Robert Zhu is a Software Engineering Architect, Certified Scrum Master, and AWS Solution Architect with thirteen years of experience at Microsoft, Eze Software Group, and FACEBOOK. Earlier this year, Robert and friends built, marketed and successfully sold their first software startup. Robert is currently working on GraphQL ( at FACEBOOK located in Cambridge, MA.