Scrum@Scale – A Modular Approach To Scaling Your Scrum


When: Wednesday, September 28, 2016  from 6:30 - 8:30 pm Est

Where: Scrum Inc., 1 Broadway Cambridge MA

Nigel Thurlow of Scrum Inc presenting for Agile Boston

Nigel Thurlow of Scrum Inc presenting for Agile Boston


Nigel Thurlow - Scrum @ Scale



Nigel Thurlow, lead trainer and coach for 3M, GE and Toyota with Scrum Inc., will share some of the latest thinking from Scrum Inc. around their fractal approach to Scrum@Scale.

At its roots, Scrum is an Object Oriented Framework where each role, artifact & ceremony are defined by objectives, participants, inputs and outputs.  Core Scrum allows for many different ways to achieve objectives within given input/output constraints and thus is well suited to be scaled throughout all levels of an organization.

In this presentation,  Nigel will describe the core components of Scrum@Scale, a modular approach to scaling that allows organizations to establish and improve Agile practices incrementally by focusing on one independent module at a time.  Nigel will demonstrate this approach by focusing in on the Product Owner role and its critical importance to success at scale.  Nigel will also describe some key Scrum patterns that support Scrum@Scale as well as sharing the successes at 3M where they have so far scaled over 1000 developers.



6:30 pm:  Agile Introduction
7:00 pm:  Food and Fun
7:25 pm:  Main Presentation
8:25 pm:  Announcements
8:30 pm:  Done

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Nigel Thurlow is a Lean Evangelist, Continuous Improvement Leader, Quality Advocate, Agile & Scrum Coach, and ex member of The Machine That Changed the World, something he describes as "the greatest learning years of my career".  Considered by others as an expert in Lean implementation and process improvement, gained from a Toyota background, he evangelizes quality improvement and waste reduction, using his Toyota years as a foundation for teaching how to get more for less, while continuously improving the organization to deliver better value to the customer.