SCRUM – The Leader’s Perspective

When: July 27th 5:45-7:30PM

Where:, 131 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington MA 01803

This is our first live event in over 2 years!  Come celebrate with us starting at 5:45pm for food and beverages.  Yuval’s keynote will start at 6:30PM.


Are you leading Scrum Teams?


Are you a leader in an organization that’s leveraging Scrum?


In this session we will discuss:
  • What Scrum means for you as a leader
  • How to create the conditions in which Scrum can thrive
  • How leaders can support the Scrum accountabilities, artifacts and events
  • How leaders can leverage Scrum to help them lead their teams
Yuval Yeret, a fellow Boston-area agile practitioner, is the lead author of the Scrum Guide Companion for Leaders whitepaper recently published by – a key resource for leaders in a Scrum environment. Yuval will share highlights from the guide sprinkled with stories from the trenches.



Yuval Yeret photo

Yuval Yeret is a Professional Scrum Trainer, SAFe Fellow, and SPCT with AgileSparks. He is a senior enterprise agility consultant who helps organizations such as Gillette, Dyno Therapeutics, Siemens, Intel, and CyberArk achieve real business agility both in software/technology as well as in other complex work environments such as consumer good products (CPG) and BioTechnology.

Yuval is a co-creator of the Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) class and co-author of the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams“Holy Land Kanban” & “SAFe from the trenches”. He is acknowledged worldwide for his work bringing together the best of the different agile approaches through principles orientation and pragmatism and expanding the horizons of the agile movement.