When: Wednesday January 30, 2019  6:30-8:30 PM Est

Where: 131 Middlesex Tpke, Burlington, MA, 01803


READY FOR AGILE CHECKLIST Appendix A Inviting-Leadership-Authority-Circle



The framework we call Scrum grew up and out of software development. But it didn’t stop there. Scrum is now pervading all non-I.T. domains: Marketing. Sales. Human Resources. Operations. Finance.

Scrum promises to improve every functional area of a business. But for Scrum to do so, executive leaders must first deeply commit to engaging in the implementation of Scrum. And do so far beyond the mere authorization of funding.

Because the use of Scrum affects every single aspect of an enterprise, executive leaders must be prepared to deeply engage, inside the topmost teams defined by ScrumAtScale: The Executive Action Team, and the Executive MetaScrum.

What You Will Learn:

In this session, two acknowledged experts in the ScrumAtScale framework introduce you to how this system of organizing work amplifies executive-level strategy, vision, and execution. You’ll learn about the inner-workings of the two topmost executive teams: the Executive MetaScrum and the Executive Action Team. You’ll learn how to scale Scrum to potentially hundreds of teams.

Most importantly: you’ll learn very specific techniques for deeply engaging executive leaders in the execution of S@S across the enterprise, and leave with a toolkit for implementation, in PDF format:

  • If you can’t Scrum, you can’t scale: establishing your S@S Reference Model
  • The Executive MetaScrum: accountable for Product vision, strategy and execution
  • The Executive Action Team: accountable for S@S transformation and Product Release
  • Getting Executives ready for S@S:
    • The Authority Circle event (with PDF Takeaway)
    • The Ready for S@S Checklist (with PDF Takeaway)
  • What the Science Says about Scrum Ceremonies At Scale
  • Additional Toolkit and Resources for Scaling Scrum
  • Joining the ScrumAtScale community in Boston


6:30 - The Origins of the command and control top down structure and the turning of the tide!
7:00 - Food and Networking
7:25 - Scrum @ Scale Presentation
8:25 - Wrap Up
8:30 - Done!


Robert Frohman is a Certified ScrumAtScale Trainer and CEO of the Co8Group, a management consulting firm based in Boston. Robert has over nine years of experience in bringing agile to organizations. Innovative, energetic, and engaging, Robert has a passion for building effective environments where people and process come together.

Working cross-functionally, he blends his experience in software engineering, product development, agile and lean practice, leadership and management consulting to bring alignment to complicated environments so teams can focus on building and delivering great products. Robert is a proud father, enjoys working in his community, and is an avid skier, hiker, and photographer.


Coaching executives and teams since 2006, DANIEL MEZICK is a Certified ScrumAtScale Trainer, an expert on business agility, and an author of three books on organizational change. A frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences, Daniel’s list of clients include Capital One, INTUIT, Adobe, CIGNA, Pitney Bowes, SIEMENS Healthcare, Harvard, and dozens of smaller enterprises.

His first pioneering work on culture was published in 2012.  THE CULTURE GAME described 16 specific patterns that extend Agile ideas across the organization, beyond software. In 2014 he built upon those patterns and formulated the OpenSpace Agility method. “OSA” is a flexible template and engagement model for enabling lasting change in your organization. Daniel is the primary author of the OPEN SPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK , published in 2015 with several co-authors. In 2018 Daniel co-authored INVITING LEADERSHIP: Invitation-Based Change in the New World or Work™. Upon publication, this book reached #1 on the Amazon bestseller list in the Organizational Learning category.  You can learn more and contact him at