Scrum At Scale + Inviting Leadership = BIG Improvement at BENDIX Corp.

EXPERIENCE REPORT: Scrum At Scale + Inviting Leadership = BIG Improvement at BENDIX Corp.



While implementing Scrum At Scale, executive Eddie Wilkinson of BENDIX used Inviting Leadership techniques to engage everyone in the drive to improve. As a result, he was able to enlist almost 90 volunteers to help.  And IT WORKED!

What’s next after you get 90 volunteers on board to assist with improving your transformation at scale?

What happens after the coaches leave?

Attend this event to learn the story, and ask the executive and the coach absolutely anything you want!


For context-setting, we’ll show this video first: same as the one we used at the GTFS2021 event:



DAN LEFEBVRE is a Principal Consultant at SCRUMINC. Dan is THE first Certified Enterprise Coach in New England. He’s worked with both Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland since bringing Scrum into organizations since 2007. Dan is a Scrum.Inc Trainer Fellow, and a Scrum@Scale Trainer. Dan has worked with dozens of organizations across various industries for over 15 years including technology, finance, manufacturing, automotive, and publishing companies.

EDDIE WILKINSON is the leader of the Bendix Agile PMO Organization for Bendix CVS with Global Responsibilities for the Agile Transformation. This role is responsible to drive the Agile Transformation vision and mission for Bendix CVS and supporting the Global Agile activities, which is to “Enable and Empower Small Skilled Teams to Predictably Deliver Value to Customers”.