Retrospective Decay

When: April 25, 2018 6:30 - 8:30 pm Est

Where: Scrum.Org 

Retrospective Decay,  A Troublesome Trend

Slides from this presentation: Retrospective Decay

Retrospectives are arguably one of the most important behaviors for any team in any organization. They help identify obstacles. They enable continuous improvement. They champion learning. They improve efficiency ... Why then is a behavior that is so valuable one of the first to falter?

Join us as Executive and Agile Coach Frank Saucier discusses some of the troublesome trends he's encountered in the world of Retros. He'll share his experiences on leaders misunderstanding Retros, on teams struggling to get value out of their Retros, and how those challenges contribute to a condition Frank calls Retrospectivitis (the desire to stop holding Retrospectives). The good news is that Retrospectivitis can be reversed. By using an approach called "The Retrospective Compass", Frank will show us how to help our teams and organizations get their Retrospectives behaviors back on track.

In this interactive session, you'll learn:

- How to do a Retrospective Check-Up
- How to spot the symptoms of Retrospectivitis
- What contributes to Retrospective Value Decay
- How to apply "The Retrospective Compass"



6:30 pm -  Agile Introductory Topic
7:00 pm - Food & Fun
7:25 pm - Key Note Presentation
8:30 pm - Done





Frank Saucier is an Executive and Agile coach, trainer, and change facilitator at FreeStanding Agility. By inviting participation and building collaboration, Frank's able to empower teams and leaders to realize their goals of adopting Agile and scaling Business Agility. You can reach Frank by email at or on LinkedIn at