July Meeting: REAL AGILE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS with Stuart Turner

When: Wednesday July 22 2015


Who: Stuart Turner


The Agile Boston User Group presents “REAL AGILE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS” with Stuart Turner

This session asks some provocative and “not-so-easy-to-answer” AGILE QUESTIONS the Agile Community across New England has been wanting answers to.

Have you ever considered any of these questions? Let’s explore these:
  • Why do we want software?
  • Is it possible to do away with program and portfolio management?
  • What happens when software allows us to do more?
  • What does Scrum have to do with a French bakery?
  • Do projects nurture software?
  • How can we create contracts for successful software?
  • How can we move beyond budgeting?
  • How is software similar to skyscrapers?
  • How do fixed-length iterations aid learning?
  • Is brainstorming as effective as most of us think?
  • Did you know your organisation already hired Scrum Masters?
  • How can seven people work on one task and be more effective than a single person?
  • How can you complete UAT before you start development?
  • Can synchronised tea-break times increase effectiveness?
  • How can we improve outcomes by reducing efficiency?
  • Can a robust definition of done improve predictability?


0600PM Doors Open
0630PM Agile Manifesto principles: examination & dialogue
0700PM Food & beverage break
0820PM Raffle



Pull into parking lot, announce “AGILE MEETING” to the intercomm/attendant, park, and proceed to the office building at 150 CAMBRIDGE PARK DRIVE.
Meeting space is on the 1st floor, walk past elevators and then go left into the classroom.
Questions? Call 203 915 7248 (MAP & DIRECTIONS)


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.07.25 AMSTUART TURNER is a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile coach based in Singapore. He has trained thousands of Scrum students worldwide since 2009.
He is also a worldwide Agile community leader: Stuart is the designer and arranger of the multi-day Agile Singapore event. Stuart has coached Agile for over eight years, and constructed software professionally for over 25 years. You can learn more about Stuart from his video interview on INFOQ.
Stuart started in Agile on 2002. He was there when XP first appeared on the scene. He now works with Bas Vodde, teaching Scrum and coaching Agile throughout the Asia Pacific region of the world via the Agile consultancy and training firm  Odd-E.com.
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.20.04 AM
I’m Stuart Turner and I’ve been developing software for 25 years. I’ll share my current understanding and views on some of the above and how I use them to guide my own work and help others create a better world in which to live. I’m a software developer, agility consultant, Certified Scrum Trainer and Co-Active Coach based in Singapore. We’ll explore these real questions, and get to the bottom of the real answers; and the answers may surprise you …

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