March Meeting: PERSONAL KANBAN for your JOB HUNT

When: Wednesday MARCH 26, 2014

Where: Waltham MA



PERSONAL KANBAN for your JOB HUNT: An interactive workshop

Job search is a task best addressed by Personal Kanban. Searching for a job is a big, complex, and scary prospect. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a job search. Have you ever thought that agile or kanban can help? It can.

Personal kanban can help you manage your work, keep your WIP small, and visualize what to do. But personal kanban is not enough, even with purposeful reflection. A job seeker needs the growth mindset—the agile mindset—to persist in building a target list and networking list.

Too many people don’t realize how to network. You need an agile approach, that is: try a little something and getting some feedback to your networking. Building a targeted list requires knowing your purpose, knowing who your target list might be, articulating the value of your previous accomplishments, how to ask for feedback, purposeful reflection and the growth mindset.

In this workshop, we will work through an introduction to personal kanban, defining your purpose, your target list, an introduction to networking, and how to create rapport. Bring your notebook and a pen. You’ll learn enough to use this session to network tonight and in the future.


Johanna RothmanJohanna Rothman has over 10 years of experience as an Agile coach, consultant and adviser. Known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” helps organizational leaders see problems and risks in their product development. She helps them recognize potential risks, seize opportunities, and remove impediments.

Johanna was the Agile 2009 conference chair. She is the current technical editor. Johanna is the author of 8 books: her latest books are Manage Your Job Search and Hiring Geeks That Fit. Reach her at

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