June Meeting: Perfect Or Imperfect Scrum

When: June 24, 2015

Where: Burlington MA

Who: Beth Macy


Perfect Or Imperfect Scrum

Which is it for your teams? PERFECT or IMPERFECT SCRUM? Through her in-depth knowledge of psychology and human nature, Beth will take us on a view of Scrum from the aspect of being mindful about our actions.

As Beth states: “There is a beauty in implementing perfect Scrum, rather like the beauty of finding an unblemished rose in late summer in your garden.

Imagine a world where there are no release-dates, and backlogs are perfectly groomed, prioritizations followed, interrupts kept at bay, continuous delivery happening smoothly.” In this talk we will learn how to embrace imperfection, and live in the moment, as we mindfully bring organizations along the road of change towards a “beautiful Scrum”.


Beth H. Macy, is a Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and Six Sigma Green Belt. She has worked with such companies as Subway, WashingtonPost/Newsweek Interactive, Escher Group, Northeastern University, Lotus Development Corporation, Apple Computer, and IBM.Beth has led globally distributed, cross-functional projects and teams. Beth has directed projects from inception to delivery in a flexible, timely, cost effective and revenue-enhancing manner. She is highly skilled at mentoring and training others in Agile, Scrum and effective product development techniques.Beth received her BS in Mathematics from Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA, and her Masters in Psychology and Counseling from Cambridge College. She is also an accomplished artist, videographer, an ACE certified Personal Trainer, a Zumba Instructor (ZIN), a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), and a certified Meyers Briggs (MBTI) Management Consultant. It is this unique mix of creativity, combined with highly technical skills and strong people skills, which results in Beth being so effective at helping teams succeed.


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