Oct 25 DOWNTOWN MEETING: How to Make Your Meetings Productive and Fun

Meetings are a staple of doing business in a corporate culture. Meetings, however, are often seen as one of the biggest impediments to getting work done. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with a few key changes, you can modify you meeting structure in some rather significant ways.

Attend this evening’s event to learn how apply intentional design and good game mechanics to your your meetings. You’ll exit the evening knowing:

  • How to structure your meeting for higher engagement, fun, and productivity
  • How to influence the culture of your organization by influencing how meetings are conducted
  • Why you must inject good game mechanics into every meeting you convene

NOTE: This event is being held at Sungard in Boston. To accommodate security, registration will be closed at 9:00 PM EST on Tue 10/23. Walk-ins will not be allowed to attend. Please be sure to register in advance for this event and bring a photo ID.



About The Presenter:

Dan Mezick is a coach and trusted adviser to executives, project sponsors, managers and teams developing complex products. He is the author of THE CULTURE GAME: Tools for the Agile Manager. Since 2008, Dan has delivered Agile coaching and training to over 7500 individuals working in organizations like Zappos Insights, CIGNA Insurance, Sikorsky Aircraft, SIEMENS Healthcare Diagnostics, and dozens of smaller organizations throughout New England and the United States.

Meeting Agenda:

3:30 pm Introduction

4:00 pm Beverages and socializing

4:20 pm Main event

5:20 pm Done

5:30 pm Done Done

Meeting Location:

100 Hight Street, 19th Floor
Boston, MA  02110

Please enter the building through the 100 High Street entrance. You must check in with security at the front lobby with a photo ID and get a temporary pass. After getting your temporary pass, take the elevator to the 19th floor. The conference room can be seen after exiting the elevator.