March Meeting: The Mindset For Successful Agile Transitions

When: Thursday MARCH 27, 2014


TAKE IT TO THE TEAM! – The Mindset For Successful Agile Transitions

 It’s a phrase that’s often tossed about when we talk about companies having to put their trust in the power of emergence and self organizing teams. In truth, it’s much more powerful than a phrase. It’s actually a mindset change that plays a key and continuous role in successful Agile transitions. A mindset change that we can actively practice. Tonight we give you the chance to “Take It To The Team.”
Agile Coach Frank Saucier from FreeStanding Agility has invited an cast of seasoned Scrum and Kanban professionals to answer your questions. They’ll provide insight into their successes, their challenges, and the approaches that they used to keep moving the needle. The list of invitees includes a collection of Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, stakeholders, work flow experts, and facilitators from well known organizations and institutions in our Boston community.
Frank just can’t name the organizations or he’d have to wrestle with all sorts of red tape to make this night of knowledge sharing a reality.
At this session you’ll learn:
  • How understanding the nature of our work leads to a predictable system
  • Why road trips are valuable for communities of practice
  • How wall space grabs are a sign of a tipping organization
  • What blogging does to accelerate cultural change
  • Why visual project management makes for a great experiment
  • The long-lasting impacts of effective learning design

Just so you know, this will be a “Slide Free” session. The focus will be on the team, the community, and great conversation.

Come join the fun!


frank-saucier-150x150Frank Saucier is an Agile coach and trainer at FreeStanding Agility. He delivers training, coaching, and custom sessions designed to help teams and companies adopt Agile, implement culture change, and enhance Business Agility. Frank helps empower teams, managers, and company leaders to take ownership of their learning and take control of the change they want to create. You can reach Frank by email at