Leveraging Lean Agile Elements in SAFe

Leveraging Lean Agile Elements in SAFe to Solve Immediate Business Challenges

Agile Boston Presentation by John Brennan

Join on us Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 6:30 PM as Principal Program Manager John Brennan discusses how to leverage Lean Agile Elements in SAFe to solve immediate business challenges.

Adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in a large organization requires executive commitment and some degree of agile maturity at the team level.  In cases where an organization is simply not ready for SAFe, agile proponents can help pave the way for future SAFe adoption by applying SAFe principles and practices to solve specific business problems.  In this presentation, John will introduce us to those SAFe principles and practices he uses at Nuance Communications that help plan and execute a particularly complex, strategic initiative involving multiple products and teams.  He will further describe the challenges that were faced, and the benefits Nuance has realized and still hopes to realize from these specific practices.


John Brennan is Principal Program Manager in Nuance’s Healthcare Division focusing on speech-enabled medical transcription solutions.  He’s worked in software development for over 25 years as an engineer, manager and process improvement consultant.  First exposed to agile software development practices about 15 years ago, John has served as a member of agile teams, led Scrum adoptions and trained/coached delivery teams, managers and executives as an agile change leader.  Having this range of experiences has reinforced John’s commitment to agile and lean methods as a means to make customers happy and teams and organizations successful.  It has also fostered a healthy appreciation for the real world challenges that organizations face when trying to become more agile.  Along the way, John has picked up the SAFe Program Consultant, CSPO, and CSM certifications.