August Meeting: Lasting Agile Adoption

The Journey Towards Lasting Agile Adoption


On Wednesday August 26, 2015 at 1 Wayside Road in Burlington MA. starting at 6:30 pm, Greg Wright, a director of software development at Kepware Technologies in Portland, Maine will describe his organizations journey towards a lasting Agile adoption.  

The myth is that Agile adoption is easy. Just follow the A-B-C steps right?  Just do Scrum, or Kanban, or ...

Not so fast!

The reality is that getting a genuine and lasting adoption is very difficult. At Kepware (Portland, Maine) we know.   For the last 24 months we've been working hard at creating a genuine and lasting adoption of Agile and the good news is, we are actually starting to see it happen in a big way!   Attend this talk to learn what drove us to try a radical shift to Agile, what mistakes we made, how we recovered, and where we are today. You'll learn about the journey of our executives, our teams, and our worldwide customer base as we made these changes.

Greg Wright has over 20 years of experience working in the field of software development, developing software for commercial, professional, and industrial markets.  Starting his professional journey in technical support, he worked his way through many key roles in the product development life-cycle, including QA, software development, project management, hardware development, and manufacturing.  After spending years struggling to deliver software products using traditional methodologies, Greg is a strong advocate for adopting Agile practices within his organization. He is currently serving as the Director of Software Development at Kepware Technologies in Portland, Maine.

Greg Wright

About Kepware, Inc.

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