Large-Scale Continuous Delivery: How Tech Leaders Get Business Results


When: Wednesday June 14, 2017  6:30 - 8:30 PM 

Where:  131 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington MA



Software development expert Andy Singleton and organizational innovation expert Brad Power combine to demonstrate how some of the best tech companies use continuous delivery, metric-driven product management, and reusable components to deliver business results more directly; while eliminating the feeling among business managers that IT is pushing them back.

We’ll cover:

  • How strong product managers and metric-driven product management deliver agility and business success. We’ll contrast this to planning sessions in the more formal scaling frameworks, and show how those focus on process over results, leading to frustration on the business side.
  • How companies become truly innovative by allowing teams to work for a "matrix" of multiple product managers, supporting old, new and emerging products.  In contrast, how companies stifle innovation with hierarchical programs.
  • How automation (technical practices) ultimately has a bigger impact than team practices.  Also, how automated teams can scale around technical leads, as an alternative to forming “self managed” and “multifunctional” teams.
  • The basic tactics of large-scale continuous delivery, especially continuous integration and testing.
  • Why the continuous approach is a viable scaling alternative to SAFe and Scrum of Scrums, allowing companies like Google to coordinate development of literally billions of lines of code.  As a bonus, we explain where the Mythical Man Month went wrong and where we found the silver bullet.
  • How companies like Netflix, PayPal, and GE have adopted continuous delivery, the benefits they have achieved, the challenges, and countermeasures.



  • 6:30 PM - Agile Introduction Topic
  • 7:00 PM - Food and Fun
  • 7:30 PM - Key Presentation
  • 8:30 PM - Done



ANDY SINGLETON is a programmer and entrepreneur who founded Cambridge Interactive, PowerSteering Software, and Assembla. At Assembla he built tools to support agile teams and wrote "Unblock: A Guide to the New Continuous Agile". His most recent startup, MAXOS, focuses on organizing industry ecosystems of Web services.

BRAD POWER works with clients to focus, accelerate, and sustain process improvement, making it a habit and even fun. He is an active blogger for Harvard Business Review, and has been working on a series of articles showing how companies transition to continuous improvement and achieve digital leadership.