Winning the Knowledge Transfer Game

Join us on Wednesday October 28 in Burlington MA starting at 6:30 pm as Agile Coach Frank Saucier helps us understand why knowledge transfer is so important to the success of any team.  Frank will explain why teams frequently struggle with knowledge transfer and how we as Agile leaders can help our teams start winning the knowledge transfer game.
Effective knowledge transfer is a key factor in the success of any team. Unfortunately, it's also something most teams struggle to do well. We send a person to a class hoping they will tell others what they learned. We rush to document what someone knows before their last day. We make statements about how we could never do without certain people, but we do nothing to reduce the risk. There are better ways.
At this session you’ll learn:
  • How knowledge transfer is like compound interest
  • Why teams frequently struggle with knowledge transfer
  • How Scrum, Kanban, and XP encourage knowledge transfer
  • Who should be responsible for knowledge transfer
  • How to setup clear knowledge transfer goals
  • What we can do tomorrow to get better at knowledge transfer


Frank Saucier is an Executive and Agile coach, trainer, and change facilitator at FreeStanding Agility. By inviting participation and building collaboration, Frank's able to empower teams and leaders to realize their goals of adopting Agile and scaling Business Agility. You can reach Frank by email at or on LinkedIn at

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