July 25 DOWNTOWN MEETING: Invisible Impediments to Learning – POSTPONED

We’re all aware of the many challenges to learning on agile teams: the length of the release cycle, the clarity of the goal, the ability to learn from failures, and so on. But there’s more. There are things that are in our way every single day that we may not notice or be able to express; some of are even uncomfortable to consider. For example:

  • How does my mindset affect my ability to learn as an individual and to contribute learning to my team and my organization?
  • How does my approach to ownership advance or hinder my ability to help myself and others push through challenges and recover from failure?
  • How does my respect – or lack thereof – for my peers affect my ability to build software?
  • What does it cost me or my team when I miss an agreement? And, just as important, what does it cost when when I fail to confront a missed agreement?

These are some of the invisible impediments to learning that reduce our ability to create great software efficiently.

In this session, you’ll identify these invisible impediments to learning and leave with things you can do right away to accelerate individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.

NOTE: The downtown event is being held at PayPal in Boston. To accommodate security, registration will be closed at 9:00 PM EST on Tue 7/23. Walk-ins will not be allowed to attend. Please be sure to register in advance for this event and bring a photo ID.


This event has been postponed. There is no downtown event in July.

About The Presenter:

Amr Elssamadisy brings together individual human dynamics, environment and cultural engineering, and agile software development practices to produce immediate and lasting results for his clients.  With a hands-on approach, and infectious can-do attitude, Amr leverages his years of experience (both success and failure) to hold up a mirror to the organization and then guide and teach his clients to make incremental, measurable improvements.

Meeting Agenda:

6:00 pm Introduction

6:30 pm Beverages and socializing

6:50 pm Main event

7:50 pm Done

8:00 pm Done Done

Meeting Location:

1 International Place (6th floor)
Boston, MA 02110


This event has been postponed. There is no downtown event in July.