How to Become a Member of Agile Boston

Anyone can attend a meeting and meetings are FREE for members. Non-members pay a $5 admission.

Membership at Agile Boston gets you:

1. Complimentary admission to monthly meetings of AGILE BOSTON;

2. Access to jobs listings;

3. The ability to post job listings;

4. Discounts on events like GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM and AGILE BOSTON OPEN SPACE;

5. Access to exclusive MEMBERS-ONLY meetings !!

Typical AGILE BOSTON attendance is in the range of 80 to 100 members.

A representative from sponsor Rally Software, addressing a meeting.

Membership cost is nominal and saves you money. We charge a small amount for each meeting and the membership is a little more than 1/2 the price of attending each meeting during the year.

Membership Annual Dues: $29

Each Meeting, non-members: $5

Each year, we hold a couple of BIGGER events.

Attending these events automatically gets you membership for the current year.

This means that when you attend an event like AGILE BOSTON OPEN SPACE 2010, you are actually purchasing an annual membership and getting the event for FREE.

The crowd of 240++ at GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM 11/25/2010

Got questions about membership?

Contact Us to discuss Agile Boston membership.