February 22, 2012 MONTHLY MEETING: Pete Behrens on The Culture of Agility

Agility as a process is fairly well understood today in feedback generating iterations or limited work-in-process flows. Agility as a structure is becoming better understood in creating cross-functional teams working collaboratively through the iterative or flow-based process. However, Agility as a culture has very little language or exposure – yet organizational culture impacts every attempt at agility.

This session provides a language and visualization for organizational culture, its impact on organizational agility, and company examples of how exposing culture has aided their adoption of agile. We will visualize and explore a cultures within single organizations, sub-cultures across functional boundaries within larger organizations, and cultures bridging corporate mergers.

About the Speaker

Pete Behrens is the Founder and President of Trail Ridge Consulting, a firm specializing in leadership agility and enterprise-wide agile transformation and adoption. Certified as a Scrum Trainer (CST), Scrum Coach (CSC), and Leadership Agility 360 Coach (LA360), Pete enables high-performing adaptive environments through a focus on leadership and organizational agility. Examples of Pete’s work can be found at Salesforce.com, McKinsey & Company, GE Healthcare IT, Staples, and Google. Additionally, Pete is active in the agile and Scrum community. Pete led the development of the Certified Scrum Coaching (CSC) program for the Scrum Alliance and continues to serve as the program lead. Through this program, Pete collaborates with coaching peers from around the globe to better understand the skills, competencies and tools required for coaching successful and sustaining agile organizations. He is also a Program Lead for the upcoming Agile 2012 Conference in Dallas, TX.


Special SHORT Presentation at 630PM:


Personal mastery is one of the 5 disciplines described by Peter Senge in the popular business book, THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE, which published for the first time in 1990. Personal mastery, like perfection, is impossible. What IS possible is a commitment to continuous improvement in the direction of mastery.

Join us at 630PM to experience the personal mastery story of life coach Shelli Johnson. A native of Wyoming, Shelli comes to Boston to tell her story and explain the relationship between personal mastery and the Epic Win.

About Shelli Johnson:

Shelli Johnson is a life/leadership coach, entrepreneur, consultant, strategist and travel blogger who hails from the frontier of Wyoming.

In 1994, Johnson started Yellowstone Journal Corporation and NationalParkTrips. Over the course of 15 years, she and her small team (organically) grew the company, including the Webby Award-winning YellowstonePark.com, and expanded it to include several products, before selling it in 2008 to Active Interest Media.

Shelli provides personal coaching that dares clients to live as if they’re dying, like every day counts. Johnson uses the outdoors, and route-finding, literally and metaphorically, in to help clients chart their own course and to create meaning in their personal and professional lives.

An avid outdoor adventurer, Johnson designs a guided “epic adventure” outdoors– in combination with coaching. During the adventure, clients are pushed physically, mentally and emotionally. The experience not only provides clients with an unforgettable, inspiring experience with a health benefit, but most importantly, provides a platform from which to practice for life’s hardships and challenges. In the process, clients expand their leadership abilities and gain increased confidence and clarity.

In her presentation, Johnson shares her insights about personal development, teams and the Epic Win. She discusses the importance of actively choosing to pursue big audacious goals, and why signing up for a challenge is an essential aspect of personal and team development.

Learn more about Shelli at the web site: YourEpicLife

Learn even more about Shelli on FaceBook, YouTube and her blog