Aug 28 WALTHAM Meeting: Jean Tabaka on THE AGILE ART GALLERY

About the Speaker:

I’m an Agile Fellow with Rally Software in Boulder, CO. I love coaching others about Agile software development. My passion in this realm has led me to concentrate on practices in collaboration and leadership. I’m also now reaching into systems thinking, Lean, and Kanban (you can read blog posts I’ve written about these topics). I see a strong interdependency among these various processes and practices. This has led me to also look outside of software and IT to our larger community about sustainable and restorative practices within our physical world. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a University Scholar from the University of Missouri. I hold a Masters in French Literature from Michigan State University and a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.  I’m a a Certified ScrumMaster and Practitioner, a Certified Scrum Trainer, and a Certified Professional Facilitator.


Session Description: THE AGILE ART GALLERY
Very often, when we try to describe Agile to people, we tend to use words, technical words. Or we may add in a sketch of a Scrum process or how releases fit with programs and teams and cadences. But I think Agile is more than this. And I think that there is a part of our brain that is being under utilized as we describe Agile to others. In fact, perhaps we ourselves are not fully embracing Agile if we don’t move beyond these technical words. In this session, we explore Agile through a new lens. We apply are artistic sense of what Agile means by reaching into terms that we might not readily associate with Agile. In the end, we will share our interpretations and debrief about what this means to our views on Agile. Agile is truly expansive. And it is continuing to be so. My hope is that through this very interactive session and through fun, participants will be willing to delve into some of the Agile depth.




Meeting Agenda:

6:30 pm Introduction

7:00 pm Food, beverages, and socializing

7:20 pm Main event

8:20 pm Done

8:30 pm Done Done


Meeting Location:


Phone: 781 314 3425
735 Main St  Waltham, MA 02451