Agile Culture Conference 2016

The Agile CULTURE Conference is your one stop for identifying tools and techniques you can use today to raise levels of engagement, generate innovation, and develop more productivity and freedom at work.

The Agile CULTURE Conference is the place for executives, directors, managers, and teams. It’s the place for those who recognize that the CULTURE of your organization is what drives customer engagement, high productivity, and job satisfaction. If you work in a corporation and are looking for tools and techniques to “level up” the culture in your workplace, THIS IS YOUR CONFERENCE.


  • Executives who are responsible for increasing workplace culture, productivity and profits
  • HR Professionals who are charged with increasing the level of employee engagement at work, as well as retaining in-house expertise and talent
  • Managers who have authority to hire and fire employees, and convene meetings
  • Project Managers responsible for completing projects with results that delight customers and the business
  • Team members who design and build software and other complex products
  • Corporate Employees who want more from work than they are currently receiving


The agile CULTURE Conference is the place to learn concepts, tools and techniques that can dramatically increase the health and well-being of your organization. Attend to explore:

Passion: There is lots of data (for example from Gallup) that shows people are disengaged at work. Come to this event to learn how to re-ignite engagement and passion in your company.

Productivity: Doing more with less is not as easy at it looks. Attend this conference to discover the true source of lasting productivity, and then apply these techniques back at work.

Profits: People or profit? It is time to start thinking about what your organization is optimizing on first. People create profit. By optimizing on people, you can often make MORE profit after a brief delay. Attend this event to learn now.

Culture Tools: The speakers at this conference are leaders in the building of tools and techniques you can use to upgrade your company culture, away from problems, and towards vibrant health. Attend this conference event to identify, learn about and deploy these tools.

Engagement: People at work who are making choices, making decisions and learning are by definition engaged. Engaged people are a major source of energy and innovation. Attend this event to learn how tap into the power of engagement.

Culture Techniques: Many “culture hacking” tools do not cost a dime. Instead, using them requires you to have genuine intention to being improvement to the way your organization learns. You exit this conference with a set of techiques you can put to work tomorrow in your workplace.

Social Technology/Organizing Frameworks: Attend this conference to discover proven organizational frameworks that can be applied to increase productivity and results inside your teams, department and entire organization.

The Culture Community: Attend this conference to deeply connect with peers and colleagues who share your keen interest in “leveling up” the organization that you work in.

Where:  Boston Area

When:  Spring 2016

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